Status: Malta submitted an official Report on the Implementation of the Recommendation of the European Parliament and of the Council Concerning the Implementation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Europe to the European Commission on 27 March 2006.
Malta's ICZM Strategy is embodied in the Coastal Strategy Topic Paper prepared by MEPA as part of the Structure Plan Review. The Strategy was formulated as part of the revision of the Replacement Structure Plan and was prepared prior to Malta's accession to EU membership and hence prior to the adoption of the EU ICZM Recommendation. Being part of the Replacement Structure Plan Review process (one of several Topic Papers), the Strategy is very well integrated with the spatial planning policy and process adopted in Malta.
This approach ensures linkages between the ICZM strategy and terrestrial and maritime spatial planning, both of which are addressed in the Topic Paper. The latter also calls for better integration and a more holistic approach in planning policies. Nonetheless, since the Strategy is essentially a spatial planning tool, it does not address (or does so only indirectly) aspects such as regional development, education, employment, and resource management.
Malta's ICZM process has commenced and is proceeding well in many respects.
Reporting Institution
Malta Environment and Planning Authority - Coastal Planning

The preparation of the Replacement Structure Plan (within which the aims and objectives of the Coastal Strategy are being incorporated) falls within the responsibility of the Planning Directorate within MEPA.

ICZM is the remit of a number of agencies, though its close linkage with spatial and regional development planning places the Malta Environment & Planning Authority in the lead role. This ensures that ICZM issues are considered in development planning mechanisms.