Status: A formal statement was submited by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania to the European Commission on 22 June 2006, regarding the reporting on the implementation of the ICZM Recommendation in Lithuania.
After an overview of the legislation related to the implementation of the ICZM Recommendation and coastal protection measures implemented on the Lithuanian Baltic Sea coast, the Ministry of Environment decided that, at the moment, the preparation of a National ICZM Strategy for Lithuania is not necessary.
Reporting Institution
Ministry of Environment, Nature Resources Division, Nature Protection Department
(responsible for policy recommendations)

Ministry of Environment, Territorial Planning, Urban Development and Architecture Department
(responsible for the planning issue in the coastal zone)

The Nature Protection Department of the Ministry of Environment is responsible for the assessment of the current status and nature processes of the Lithuanian coast of the Baltic Sea and the formulation of policy recommendations in order to make the coastal protection measures more effective.