Status: A National Report on the Implementation of the EU ICZM Recommendation in France was officially submitted to the European Commission on 28 April 2006.
The document draws largely upon a DATAR Report, established in 2004 by the regional development team "Construire ensemble un développement équilibré du littoral” that outlined existing approaches to the future management and governance of France's coastal zones largely independent of the EU ICZM Recommendation. It has been written as an explanation of France's approaches and intentions for the management and governance of its coastal zones.
The report clearly shows that France has been considering and evolving holistic and integrative approaches to coastal management with due regard for the environmental, economic and social needs, constraints and aspirations. Although most of the actions and activities remain to be instigated, the first steps towards an ICZM approach have been taken.
Reporting Institution
Délégation interministérielle à l'aménagement et
à la compétitivité des territoires (DIACT)
Paris Cedex

The National Council for Coastal Zones has not yet been installed. ICZM is not yet explicitly sponsored by a well-identified Ministry (no Ministerial department can be considered as in charge of an integrated policy).