Expected Outcomes





Laws and policies that set limits on pollution levels

Improved pollution management

Reduced marine pollution and reduced number of marine populations affected by marine pollution


Localization of land based runoff

Decline in marine and coastal pollution level



Establishment of water quality management strategies

Increase in species diversity, Improved habitat quality and ecosystem services

Improved water quality


Developing monitoring and surveillance program

Enhanced recovery of damaged ecosystems

Improved water quality


Regulate and prevent uncontrolled increase in motorized and mechanized boat fleet

Reduced pollution

Decline in number of polluting boats


Prevent deep sea mining and protect the ocean floor

Reduction in degradation of marine ecosystem

Increase in area under sea grass beds, improved productivity of marine resources


Reducing marine debris

Improved health and survival of marine organisms

Reduced number of marine organisms affected by marine pollution


Setting specific targets for reducing nutrient run-off from land and for reducing marine debris

Reduced occurrence of harmful algal blooms



Protecting and restoring coastal ecosystems

Improved health and recovery of coastal ecosystems

Increase in marine and coastal species diversity and abundance


Invasive species management

·        No intentional introduction of any alien species.

·        Minimize unintentional introductions.

·        Early detection and rapid response.

·        Community participation and awareness.

·        Guidelines for the introduction of exotic species.



Reduced number of marine invasive species and improved habitat quality



Reduction in number of invasive species


Oil Spill Management

·        Containment and recovery, in-situ burning and dispersant application

·        Shoreline Clean-Up and Response

·        Oil Spill Response through mechanical, chemical and biological methods





Reduced number of oil spills and improved oil spill management

Improvement in habitat quality




Reduction in number of marine and coastal species affected by oil spill

Reduced mortality of marine organisms owing to oil spill.


Source: COASTAL IDENTITIES- The Centrality of Coastal Ecosystems in Tamil Nadus Conservation,Department of Environment