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Environmental Issues

Human Activities

Pressure on Coastal Zone (Pressure Indicators)

State of Coastal Zone (State Indicators)


Agriculture, urbanisation, fishery & shell fisheries, mariculture

Loads of N P/ year enter sea (river, dredged material, coastal zone point sources, air, diffuse)

Total concentration of P and N in water and identification of blooms

Heavy metal pollution

Industry, urbanisation,
harbour activities (dredging and dumping)

Loads of heavy metals (Pb,
Cd, Hg)  entering  the coastal zone

Concentration of heavy
metals (Pb, Cd, Hg) in sediment

Over fishing

Fishery &  mariculture

Large number of  fishing vessels

Reduction in fish population

Depletion of

Tourism and
recreation, urbanisation, agriculture

Ground water abstracted in
coastal zone

Sustainable use of

Coastal erosion

Mining, harbour activities (dredging and dumping), coastal protection

Recession of shore (in m/year)

Land loss in (m2/year)

Climate change

Energy conversion, industry, transport & shipping, urbanisation, tourism & recreation

Relative sea level rise

Land under flooding risk

Habitat loss

Mining, harbour activities (dredging and dumping),
tourism & recreation fishery, coastal zone protection, agriculture, mariculture

Land use /marine function in coastal zone

Loss of priority habitats