Status: The Spanish Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and stocktaking report, bearing the title Gestión Integrada de las Zonas Costeras en España (Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Spain, was submitted officially to the European Commission by the General Directorate of Coasts, Ministry of Environment, Spain, on 28 March 2006.
A Spanish national ICZM strategy has been developed with clear strategic and specific objectives that conform with the principles of good ICZM management. Convincing initiatives, measures and activities are proposed that take account of the highly decentralized governmental structure of Spain and the need for new multi-level governance instruments concerned with coastal management. Some actions have already emanated from the national strategy in 2006, a full implementation is targeted for 2008.
There are some substantial activities that are funded and are to start already in 2006: a) 35 million € for buying built-up land on the coast for protection and restoration of the coast and b) some 6 million € to start the Director's Plan for Sustainability.
The Director's Plan for the Sustainability of the Coast is also to take off in this year. In the Spanish report regional, national and even European ICZM fora with stakeholders are proposed and to be established with support of the European Union. The Spanish ICZM Strategy foresees a convincing and strong future participation of stakeholders e.g. in the National Coast Council. However, the participation of stakeholders in the development of the Spanish ICZM Strategy is still seen as weak.
The Spanish ICZM strategy is intending to consider coastal matters towards the hinterland on a river basin approach. This is seen as most appropriate and well linked to another important EU regulatory instrument, i.e. the Water Framework Directive. In Spain, for several areas, authorities exist managing the scarce water bodies of river basins. These need to be connected to and firmly involved in the coastal management process.
Reporting Institution
General Directorate of Coasts Ministry of Environment