ENVIS - Centre for Coastal Zone Management and Coastal Shelter Belt  


  • To develop well equipped information center on Coastal Zone management
  • To apply the modern technologies of acquisition processing, storage and retrieval of Coastal Zone  Management topics to support and promote research and development towards sustainable Integrated  Coastal Zone Management planning.
  • To promote national and international co-operation and liaison in exchange of knowledge base on  coastal and island management. 

ENVIS Activities

  • Research in areas of Ocean and Coastal Resources Management
  • Collection of conventional and non-conventional data and information on various aspects of the coastal zone and oceans
  • Operation of a user service in order to disseminate data and information relating to coastal and marine resources utilization
  • Exchange of data and information with other institutions in the national and international level through  information networks
  • Preparation of reports and management plans for coastal and marine area to reconcile the needs of growth and development with concern for environmental quality
  • Providing training in methodologies in coastal and marine environment related activities
  • Coordination of the operational and research requirement for the State and Central Governments

Institute for Ocean Management, Anna University Chennai

Institute for Ocean Management was set up in 1985 as an Ocean Data Center with financial assistance from the Government of Tamil Nadu. The main activities of the Center are, to coordinate in research, dissemination of information and development of interaction with multi-disciplinary groups and user industries working in coastal issues. The Data Center was then combined with the Center for Water Resources and functioned as the Center for Water Resources and Ocean Management from 1995. From 1998, the Institute for Ocean Management (IOM), the first of its

 kind in the country, has been established with a view to face the challenges of meeting the increasing resource demands in ocean and coastal resources utilization, coastal management and to train adequate manpower, in these areas, in the years to come. The problems of Indian coast, related to beach erosion; sedimentation; siltation of river mouths, lakes and ports; environmental degradation; pollution; mangrove deforestation; protection of marine parks; degradation of coral reefs: loss of biodiversity in the coastal zone etc., Rational utilisation of ocean and coastal resources and proper management are required to meet the sustainable growth.

IOM : http://www.annauniv.edu/iom/home.htm
Anna University : http://www.annauniv.edu